Peak Hop DefinitionΒΆ

This section describes how to define a peak hopping sequence.

A peak hop sequence, HOPS , is a list of peak hops (i.e magnet moves).

HOPS=[('Ar40:H1:10,     Ar39:AX,     Ar36:CDD',      5, 1),
      ('Ar37:CDD',                                   5, 1)]

A peak hop is a list of iso:detector pairs plus two configuration values,

  1. the number of counts at the current position

  2. the settling time (s) after magnet positioning and before measurement starts.

The first iso:detector pair of each hop is used for positioning.

To specify a non-nominal deflection value for a detector use iso:detector:deflection


If no value is specified and the deflection value had been changed by a previous cycle then the deflection is set to the value stored in the spectrometer configuration file.

The following sequence,

('Ar40:H1,     Ar39:AX,     Ar36:CDD',      10, 1)
('Ar40:L2,     Ar39:CDD',                   20, 5)

translates to

  1. position Ar40 on detector H1, wait 1s and record 10 H1,AX,and CDD measurements.

  2. After 10 measurements position Ar40 on detector L2, wait 5s, then record 20 measurements.