Extraction Line

1. Edit Pychron/setupfiles/extractionline/valves.xml. This file defines the valves used in the extraction line. The name and location of the valves file is configurable via Preferences/Extraction Line. Both .xml and .yaml file formats are supported 2. Edit Pychron/setupfiles/canvas2D/canvas.xml. This file defines the positions of various extraction line elements, namely valves 3. Edit Pychron/setupfiles/canvas2D/canvas_config.xml. Defines some global aspects of the main canvas

Example Valves.yaml

- name: A
  address: Ftkh
    name: foo
    address: bar
    inverted: True
  description: Furnace Turbo
- name: H
  address: Blep
    - I
  description: Outer pipette
- name: I
  address: Blop
  interlock: H
  description: Inner pipette
- name: Air
  kind: pipette
  inner: G
  outer: F
- name: Cocktail
  kind: pipette
  inner: I
  outer: H

Example Valves.xml

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='ASCII'?>
        <description>Furnace Turbo</description>

  #Ref (Ar)
      <address>Pipet Ref. Out Set</address>
      <description>Ar Outer</description>
      <address>Pipet Ref. In Set</address>
      <description>Ar Inner</description>

  <switch>J<address>Getter manual 1 Degas Set</address><description>Getter manual 1 Degas</description></switch>

  <manual_valve>T<description>CO2 Inlet</description></manual_valve>
  <manual_valve>U<description>Excimer Inlet</description></manual_valve>