1. Enable Update Plugin using the initialization.xml file or Menu/Help/Edit Initialization

  2. Restart Pychron

  3. Open Pychron’s Preferences and goto the Update section

  4. In the Update Repo section set the “Name” of Pychron fork you will be using. Each organization typically has its own fork. For example NMBGMR/Pychron.

  1. After setting a valid name, test connection to the fork and load available tags and branches using the “Test Connection” button to the right of the “Name” entry field.

  2. Set the build directory. This is the location on your computer where the code actually “lives”. If your version of Pychron was installed using the installer script your should already have a build directory on your computer, typically /Users/<username>/.pychron.0/pychron

  3. Set the Branch

  4. bricks Checkout the Branch

  5. pull Update the Branch