References Padding (hrs)

Number of hours used when finding Reference analyses (airs, blanks, etc) associated with a set of analyses. e.g if References Padding = 10 then pychron will get references between oldest_analysis_time - 10 and youngest_analysis_time+10

Max. Analysis Sets

Maximum number of analysis sets to maintain.

Analysis Colors

Use Analysis Colors

Enable color coding the analyses by analysis type in the Browser Analysis Table.


Color for unknown and monitor analyses


Color for all blank analysis types, e.g. blank_unknown, blank_air, etc


Color for air analyses

Browser Loading

Auto Load

Load the browser search boxes, e.g. project, principal_investigator etc, ever time the browser is opened. Disable this option for speed and/or testing.

Load Prior Selection

Load the prior selection, e.g. select the previously selected project, principal_investigator etc, when the browser is opened.