There are two types if tagging in Pychron

Analysis Tagging

Analysis tagging is used to tag individual analyses and specify how pychron should handle the analysis when processing and plotting. There are two generic tags, OK and Invalid. OK is the default tag for an analysis. It indicates that the analysis is acceptable a should be included in all processes. Invalid indicates that the analysis is bad and should not be hidden from the browser and plotting routines


The Browser includes a checkbox to include Invalid analyses in the results. By default this it is set to False

In addition to the two generic tags, users have to option to create there own tags. This user defined tags can have any name and also come with four options for handling the plotting behavior. These options are

  1. omit_ideo

  2. omit_spec

  3. omit_iso

  4. omit_series

These options indicate whether the analysis should be excluded from the plot. Excluded in this context does not mean not visible, rather the analysis is given a special marker indicating it is not used in the calculations. For example omitted analyses in an ideogram are displayed as red open squares and are not used in the calculation of the mean age.

To add an analysis tag to one or more analyses

  1. Select a set of analyses using one of the following steps
    1. select analyses from browser

    2. select analyses from Unknowns

    3. graphically select analyses on figure

  2. Go to Data/Tag

  3. Select existing tag or make a new one

  4. (optional) fine-tune analysis select

  5. Click OK to apply of Cancel to cancel

Data Reduction Tagging

Data reduction tagging is used to preserve the state of a set of analyses. This feature is slightly analogous to the branching data model used in software development, namely Git. For example, say you would like to reduce a set of data with all parabolic fits and then compare it to all linear fits. Data reduction tagging allows the user to save each data reduction session, one for parabolic fits and one for linear, and easily toggle between the two sets.

To add a data reduction tag

  1. Perform the desired data reduction

  2. Selected a set of analyses in the browser or Unknowns pane

  3. Go to Data/Data Reduction Tag

  4. Give the tag a name

  5. Click OK to apply of Cancel to cancel

To toggle between data reduction tags

  1. Go to Data/Set Data Reduction Tag

  2. Select the desired tag from the table. You can filter by tag name and/or user

  3. Click OK to apply of Cancel to cancel


If you select a set of analyses prior to step 1. pychron will only display the data reduction tags which contain the selected set of analyses