Data Mapper

USGS Menlo (Volcano Science Center)

Importing analyses and metadata into pychron

  1. Import Irradiation

    • Menubar> Entry> Import Irradiation…

    • Select USGSVSC MAP

    • Click the Folder icon and select the appropriate irradiation file

    • Click “Import” to import the selected irradiation file

    example Irradiation File

09/23/2014, 1 hour TRIGA, Cd shielded, use average 04/2011 values
steps       1
1.0 3494329980      1
36/37       2.810000E-4     6.210000E-6
40/39       1.003000E-3     3.790000E-4
39/37       7.100000E-4     4.960000E-5
38/37       3.290000E-5     7.500000E-6
38/39       1.314000E-2     1.200000E-5
  1. Import Analyses

    Analyses can be imported either individually (file) or as a group (directory)

    • Menubar> Entry> Import Analyses

    • Select USGSVSC MAP from the first drop down

    • Select a Repository Identifier. You can also add a repository using the (+) button

    • Select either an entire directory or an individual analysis file to import.

    • Click “Import” to import analyses