Source code for pychron.spectrometer.thermo.magnet.base

# ===============================================================================
# Copyright 2011 Jake Ross
# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
# you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
# You may obtain a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
# See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
# limitations under the License.
# ===============================================================================

# ============= enthought library imports =======================
from __future__ import absolute_import
import time

from traits.api import List, Float, Bool

from pychron.core.helpers.strtools import to_bool
from pychron.hardware import get_float
from pychron.spectrometer.base_magnet import BaseMagnet
from six.moves import range

[docs]class ThermoMagnet(BaseMagnet): """ Magnet interface to Qtegra. uses MFTable object of mapping dac to mass """ protected_detectors = List use_detector_protection = Bool use_beam_blank = Bool # detector_protection_threshold = Float(0.1) # DAC units beam_blank_threshold = Float(0.1) # DAC units # =============================================================================== # ##positioning # =============================================================================== def set_dac( self, v, verbose=True, settling_time=None, use_dac_changed=True, use_af_demag=True, ): # if not self._wait_lock(2): # self.debug('Unabled to obtain set_dac lock. Another thread is moving the magnet') # return if verbose: self.debug("setting magnet DAC") self.debug("current : {:0.6f}".format(self._dac)) self.debug("requested: {:0.6f}".format(v)) dv = abs(self._dac - v) if verbose: self.debug("Delta Dac: {:0.6f}".format(dv)) unprotect = [] unblank = False if self.use_detector_protection: if verbose: self.debug("Checking detector protection. dv={:0.5f}".format(dv)) for pd in self.protected_detectors: det = self.spectrometer.get_detector(pd) if verbose: self.debug( 'Checking detector "{}". ' "Protection Threshold: {} (V)".format( pd, det.protection_threshold ) ) if det is None: self.warning("Invalid detector to protect: {}".format(pd)) continue if det.protection_threshold and dv > det.protection_threshold: self.ask("ProtectDetector {},On".format(pd), verbose=verbose) resp = self.ask("GetDeflection {}".format(pd), verbose=verbose) unprotect.append(pd) if verbose: self.debug("Protected = {}".format(resp)) if self.use_beam_blank: if dv > self.beam_blank_threshold: self.ask("BlankBeam True", verbose=verbose) unblank = True if self.use_af_demagnetization and use_af_demag: if dv > self.af_demag_threshold or use_af_demag == "force": if verbose: self.debug( "Do AF Demag. UseAFDemag={}, " "delta_volts={}, threshold={}".format( use_af_demag, dv, self.af_demag_threshold ) ) self.ask("BlankBeam True", verbose=verbose) unblank = True self._do_af_demagnetization( v, lambda dd: self.ask("SetMagnetDAC {}".format(dd)) ) else: if verbose: self.debug( "AF Demag not enabled. " "self.use_af_demag={}, use_af_demag={}".format( self.use_af_demagnetization, use_af_demag ) ) self.ask("SetMagnetDAC {}".format(v), verbose=verbose) change = dv > 1e-7 if change: if settling_time is None: settling_time = self.settling_time if verbose: self.debug( "Magnet settling time: {:0.3f} {:0.3f}".format( settling_time, self.settling_time ) ) if settling_time > 0: time.sleep(settling_time) if verbose: self.debug("Magnet settling complete") if unprotect or unblank: if verbose: self.debug("Wait for magnet to stop moving") for i in range(50): if not to_bool(self.ask("GetMagnetMoving", verbose=verbose)): break time.sleep(0.25) if verbose: self.debug("Magnet move complete") if unprotect: if verbose: self.debug("Unprotect detectors") for d in unprotect: self.ask("ProtectDetector {},Off".format(d), verbose=verbose) self.ask("GetDeflection {}".format(d), verbose=verbose) if unblank: if verbose: self.debug("Unblank beam") self.ask("BlankBeam False", verbose=verbose) self._dac = v if verbose: self.debug("set_dac. change={}".format(change)) # self._wait_release() if use_dac_changed and change: self.dac_changed = True return change @get_float(default=0) def read_dac(self): return self.ask("GetMagnetDAC")
# ============= EOF =============================================